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Born April 3rd 1961 in France.     

Diploma of Ecole des Beaux Arts in1985.

cell: 305 299 80 22

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French Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Cartier – Piaget – - Alcoa International – Rhone Poulenc – Compaq – Sofitel  – MP Architecture - Copyright (books) – Amoc (cd) - Greenstreet, Lulu resaurant.

PRIVATE COLLECTION: The Art Center Fundacion Ortiz Guardian Museum in Nicaragua - Valmont Fondation



2019 luv Contemporary art gallery, Korea- 2016 Gauchet Gallery Miami, installation of Floating Art at the Vagabond pool, Miami.


2015 the Hangar gallery, Miami- 2014 Valmont, Montreal, Quebec 2013 Kavachnina gallery, Marcowicz


Fine Art  -  2010/11 Art Rouge Gallery. Miami,Fl - Marcowicz Fine Art. Miami, Fl - 2009  Espacio


Abierto, Coral Gables -  2006 Barnes Gallery, Paris - Opera Gallery Miami, Paris, New York  - 1998   


Espace Commines, Paris - 1995  Centre Culturel, Toulouse - 1991    Exposition Lafayette, Lafayette USA.




2020 Parallel show  - Art center Miami - Gallery Beddington, France. 2019 Parallel show, Miami - Art Design Consultants Gallery, Cincinnati-Gallery Beddington, France - 2018 Made in French Show, Miami - Beddington Gallery, France - The Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery, NY - 2017 Inchoate Art Gallery, Fort Lauderdale - Valmont Berlin - Art Fair, Daegu, S.Korea Spady Cultural Heritage Museum, Delray Beach - Kroma Gallery, Coconut Grove - 2016  Art Rouge gallery, Miami - Kroma Gallery, Miami - Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove - LUV Contemporary Art, S. Korea - Historical Archives Museum of Hydra, Greece - Valmont Berlin - 2015 - Bugok Art Center, S. Korea - Hangar Gallery, Miami -  Pop-up Gallery, Miami - LUV contemporary Art, Seoul S.Korea- GIAF show Daegu, S.Korea - 2014 - Gallery DM, Daegu, Korea - Bugok Art Center, Korea - Hangar Gallery, Miami -20013/10     Marcowicz Fine Art - art Rouge Gallery - 2009/06   – Art Rouge Gallery. Miami - Opera Gallery, Miami, Paris, New York - 2005  Art Miami - 2004   Art Vitam gallery, Miami- 2003/02   Alliance Francaise, Miami - Galerie Damien B. Miami -  Art Miami -  1996     Galerie Anthony Smith, Paris - 1994   Espace Commines, Paris -  Art en direct, Galerie Elysee Rond-point, Paris -        1993 Galerie Vecchio, Cannes - 1991/90   Galerie Vendôme, Paris - Consulat de France, Miami - Galerie Climats, La Rochelle -  Foire d’Art Contemporain, Toulouse - 1989   Galerie Innov, Paris - Galerie Climats, Paris - 1988  Centre National d’Art Contemporain (C.N.A.P), Paris - 1987   Galerie Caroline Corre, Paris.


2020 Wynwood Biennale, Miami - Artfair, Daegu, Korea. 2019  Armory Art Fair, Chelsea, New York- Art Expo New York -2018 Scope Art Fair Miami - 2015/ 16/ 17/18/19 Artfair Deagu, SouthKorea. 2014/15  Spectrum Miami - 2014 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong - Art Monaco -  2004 Art Miami - 2009 Sculpt miami

FUND RAISING for: Act4Me, Miami - One Drop, Montreal. Ipad for soldiers US


Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille is a multi disciplinary french artist living and working in Miami, a 1985 graduate of l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts with a background in theater.

She works in a variety of formats including paintings as well as sculptures, installations and photography. Her appreciation for mixed media and experimentation has gotten her to use pigments, encaustic wax technique, ink, paper, plaster.


Loss, fragility and the evanescence of human things are at the heart of her practice. This exploration stems from knowing of a castle her father used to own that her two siblings grew up in but was taken from them in a family feud. Growing up, it made her aware the fragility and temporary nature of things and their ownership.


Now for more than 30 years she has been working on this fragility, and more precisely, how fragility begets loss or voids which in turn invite movement and a succession of moments which she strive to capture in her art.

                          «Time has only one reality, that one of the moment»  Gaston Bachelard.


Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille


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