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Creative, Therapeutic Art workshops with encaustic

What is Therapeutic Art:

It's a creative process facilitating your self-expression, self-awarness, and personnal development. It consist of Art exercices such as painting, drawing and collage, that enable you to express yourself in an instinctive way.

What is encaustic:

Encaustic is a paint composed of beeswax, and damar resine melted on a heated surface. Then it's applied on an absorbent surface and reheated in order to fuse the paint. As encaustic is a very versatil medium, there are endless possibilities for creating art. Scraping, incising, collage, transfert, many techniques to express yourself in a free way. Working with encaustic is a wonderful way to let go and leave room for amazement.

Encaustic doesn't require the use of solvent, and it's smelling good! 


    Who is it for:

    Adults of all ages who whish to express themselves in a creative activity. It will help you to relax and feel good. No need to be an artist or to know how to draw or paint. What you need is an open mind and a willingness to experiment.

    Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 4.39.34 PM.jpg

    Who is your coach:

    Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille is a French artist, graduated from l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts, living and working in Miami since 2001.

    When asking Bénédicte what is important in life, she answers:

    Imagination, Serendipity, Intuition and Spontaneity.

    These four attitudes guide her life and her way when coaching a participant in Therapeutic Art. 

    Bénédicte is a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach.

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    How are the sessions organized:

    Sessions are one to one with Bénédicte in her studio situated in Key Biscayne.

    You can join one session only (2 hours), for you to experimentthe process and benefits.

    Or you can decide to join a 3 sessions program, which will enable your coach to have time to accompany you in a creative journey and help you transform your creative energy into well-being and a better understanding of yourself.

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    How much does it cost:

    The price is $160 for one session (2 hours), and $ 440 for three sessions program.

    if you are interested, contact Bénédicte at:

    305 299 8022 -

    Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 3.41.55 PM.png

    I had the most enjoyable and relaxing experience with Bénédicte’s encaustic workshop. Time and worries were set aside. All that counted was the wax, paint and the pleasure of the moment. Benedicte was supportive but non intrusive and let me choose and execute things the way I wanted.
    I highly recommend this therapeutic activity to everyone seeking a moment of joy and peacefulness.

                                                                                                                 Parvine S.

    Benedicte provided a very accessible, easy to pick-up, approach to learning wax-based painting techniques. This method turned out to be very relaxing, because it always changes, you can scratch, melt, add color, resulting in beautiful translucent compositions.


                                                                                                                Hugo P.

    I really enjoyed creating with Benedicte. She provides you with guidance but allows you to explore your own creativity. I found the experience to be not only enjoyable but relaxing. I even lost track of time! I would highly recommend it.


                                                                                                               Colleen M.

    I was guided by Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille into an Art-Therapy session and although I didn’t have any specific expectations, the creative process felt both engaging and liberating to me. I had never used encaustic material before and I have to say this is an amazing approach to help letting go whatever you have on your mind through genuine and free moves of your hands. Being able to change, evolve, redo the colors, shapes and textures as much as you want makes it easier not to fear any “failure” kind of moments.  The methodology based on words that are meaningful to the participants allow the painting process to be either introspective, illustrative, or just imaginative. In any case, there’s a pathway through the session where I felt I could gradually distance myself from my own thoughts to just observe what was coming up from my hands. And from there, just appreciate the act of creating almost in a meditative state or, for some participants, interpreting the signs of the creation whatever it may be.
    Benedicte is a great guide, providing the framework and any tips you may need to keep moving forward but also giving the space to help appropriate the process.
    I definitely recommend this for anyone willing to develop his self-awareness and explore self-expression in a very instinctive way! 

                                                                                                               Sandra F.

    I signed up for a class with Benedicte as I was very curious about her sofisticate art work. Getting to see her studio was fascinating to me and revealed so much more of the delicate harmony between colors and textures in her creations. When the workshop started, I was guided through a well thought sequence of activities with different and surprising materials. The unfolding result was like a mirror to my emotions that day. I highly recommend it for those who seek ways to connect within through a creative activity.

                                                                                                              Carol J.


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