Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille is a french artist living and working in Miami. She draws her inspiration from a reflexion on the fragility of the human being and his cultures:


- «Fragility appears to me as an energy, an engine which propels the human being and generate the movement, as life is nothing but movement. There is the buried element and the visible one, the demolition that calls the reconstruction, the fold that needs to be unfolded to access the knowledge, to acquire achievement.There is nothing definitive, or permanent, rather the pursuit for renewal, revival, revision. This movement represent a succession of moments. As G. Bachelard wrote: «Time has only one reality, that one of the moment».


Following that trend, each of her pieces could be called «passage» or «snapshot» with all the vulnerability contained in those words. In her work, lines, colors, rocks, architecture or silhouettes of humans become the witnesses of the fugacity of each present moment in wich lurks the projection of the future.

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